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Michael Wolfson as Frank N Furter, Sandy Thompson (WInfield) as Columbia, Janice Costello as Transylvanian
Los Angeles resident and Rocky Horror Legend Michael Wolfson, is the first known Dr. Frank-N-Furter impersonator.
A life-long horror film enthusiast, Wolfson went to the 11:30 am screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show opening day at the UA Westwood on September 26, 1975.
He was so taken with the film that he remained in the theater all day. Wolfson began creating his first costume the next day.

Over the next several months, Wolfson continued going to Rocky Horror screenings, and came up with the idea of performing numbers from the film.
At that point in time, there was no Audience Participation, with the exception of singing along with the film and remarks taken from the Roxy Cast soundtrack LP.
The plan came together Wolfson met fellow Rocky enthusiast Corky Quakenbush (who was dressed as Riff Raff) at a Halloween Costume Contest at the Fox Venice Theater in 1976, and the two started to take the idea further. By 1977, they had put together The Rocky Horror Revue, the first known organized Shadowcast.

The Revue was based out of the Fox Venice Theater on Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA, though a costumed Wolfson frequented the Tiffany Theater as well.
In Summer of 1977, he "gave the bride away" at a Rocky Horror wedding, where a couple were married before the midnight screening, dressed as Columbia and Eddie.

Wolfson and the Revue were featured in a March 1978 Circus magazine article about the cult.

Although The Rocky Horror Review only lasted until 1980, Wolfson occasionally appears in costume as Dr. Frank-N-Furter at private events. In 2016, he was also interviewed, on camera, for an upcoming German documentary about the Rocky Horror cult.